In the month of March, I will shoot thirty-one days and thirty-one photos. It will start and end my “Gems” series. The goal is to take a step back and return to the basics, and if all goes well something I’ll return to every March. I never want to forget that a good photo is one made of good composition, intentional lighting, and emotion, regardless of the color.

Update 4/1/2020: The month of March has come and gone, but I don’t think I’m ready to totally give up this series or these photos. I’m going to post some of these that I enjoy in color alongside the original black and white version. Enjoy!

1/31 “Joined”
3/31 “Monarch”
4/31 “Jungle”
5/31 “Lost”
7/31 “Molded”
8/31 “Birth”
9/31 “Focus”
10/31 “Origin”
11/31 “Slice”
13/31 “Alone”
14/31 “Flow”
15/31 “Glass”
16/31 “Part”
17/31 “Gemini”
19/31 “Seeker”
20/31 “Abyss”
21/31 “Drive”
22/31 “Followed”
23/31 “Worke”
24/31 “Escape”
25/31 “Balance”
26/31 “Prize”
27/31 “Float”
28/31 “Grow”
29/31 “Art”
30/31 “Thrust”
31/31 “Spire”

There were a few that didn’t make the cut, but I do still enjoy.