For the first half of my professional career, I was a graphic designer. I suppose I still am, I still work in the design space, now working on understanding the user experience aspect of user interface design and how users interact with a website or app. Despite it all, my love for design will always be with logo, icon, and wordmarks; a true love for vector art.

I thought it might be fun to take a look back at the work I like the best, much of which was never used in practice, before I begin to add new stuff to the rolladex of life, in no particular order of importance.

Most recently I needed a logo for a personal project I’ve named Project Acorn. A series of proof-of-concept development projects to better the web. Of course, I didn’t really need a logo, but I couldn’t help myself.

Project Acorn Logo

One set of comps that I worked up when I worked in Philadelphia was for a potential venture called Moonshot. Although I’m unclear whatever happened with the startup, the logos have been, by far, one of the most highly sought-after comps on Dribbble.

A while back I worked with a Pennsylvania college to potentially revisit their team mascot, the Blue Jays. They didn’t specify anything specifically, but I aimed to work within the confines of professional athletic logos. The result is, to date, on of my favorite outcomes from sketch to final product.

I generally like to keep it simple because I don’t think that logos, or marks necessarily need to be too complex since they’re only ever seen at a glance. Generally, I think, the brand is more important than the logo that supports the brand.