A little while back I started a series I called, rather obviously, Flower. I didn’t have an endgame in mind or a real purpose for where this would ultimately end up. It was really a vehicle for working with my equipment or software and understanding myself as a photographer, and get a better idea of my personal voice and personal style.

Flower Series 86

Cards on the table, I’ve never been completely comfortable with myself in the role of “photographer”. I’ve had more that a decade of fairly consistent web and app development, enough to be comfortable in those shoes. Photography, on the other hand, I’ve been doing on and off for longer, but only consistently for the last several years. My eye, my imagination, and any final product I come up with are so completely disjointed because I just haven’t found my glove yet. But that’s fine. It’s all part of the learning process.

Against my better judgement, and at the behest of friends and family, I’m sharing a selection of the series to date, if for more other reason than to get it out there. I’ll continue to add to my site as I return, full time, to this creative pursuit.