When I was in high school, in the tenth grade to be precise, I was told that I was a bad writer. To be more accurate I was told my writing was too poetic, but not in a good way. I never really figured out what that meant. The best I can figure is that I often reiterated my point several times throughout and use a lot of similes Or creative comparison. This is just how I naturally write and its taken me quite a long while to be able to edit out the ”poetry” and be a better writer. Except I don’t think I was ever a bad writer. Not trained or inexperienced, sure. Bad? No.

In February, making an effort to be more honest and genuine, I’ll be writing at least four blogs of some undecided subject in that voice. I’ll edit for spelling and bad grammar, but otherwise will be unaltered. Perhaps we can all decide whether or not my tenth grade English teacher was correct.