It’s been a long road to get here, but 2019 has already been a great year of change.

I’ve updated my website bi-yearly since maybe 2005, perhaps earlier in the days of Geocities. Those updates have only ever been design-oriented, without any real effort to maintain content or build a brand. The rebuilds were fueled by the latest trends or my eagerness to learn and explore the newest features in WordPress Core or JavaScript. This is only natural, the learning process is ongoing, but the last few years have changed. I removed any version of my website, and deleted all of the content, replacing it with a splash page that has sat there since mid-2016. Updating only minor aspects since then. Waiting for a real purpose and reason for change.

The last couple of years came with a renewed sense of learning and with it new ideas of what the internet, these platforms, and websites could be. A time of deep contemplation around all aspects of how my contribution to the web, frankly, mean anything. It wasn’t just development energy that was charged. Personal hobbies, photography, a rather critical deep dive into UX/UI, design, and art were reinvigorated.

I believe that innovation should emerge as a result of the drive to communicate, inspire and grow. And that that innovation should, in turn, do the same for the people that are directly affected it.

So, this is my purpose and the thing that drives me forward: being opinionated about the way we do things, question all the things, and in the least cliché way possible, think outside the box. If I have one superpower its seeing the big picture and working backward and forward simultaneously to achieve the best possible result or find the best answer.

And this is my promise to myself and to put out into the universe. Biweekly posts to help shape the world with purpose.